OnePlus (sort of) announced its first pair of true wireless earbuds yesterday and has now released a few more details in a new blog post. A total of 30 hours of battery life is promised with 7 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. We can also see from the teaser image that the design will be similar to previous OnePlus earbuds with the red ring, although it sure looks like these are hard-tipped.

We've seen a few iterations of OnePlus Bullets earbuds, but it's about time we saw a pair with no wires whatsoever. OnePlus is keeping tight-lipped about most of the specs and the price of the upcoming earphones, but the new blog post shares that each earbud is 4.6g while the case is 30g. The design is referred to as "half-in-ear," further pointing to hard tips that don't fully seal, but OnePlus assures us that they will be comfortable and secure.

Previous leaks suggested that OnePlus Pods could be the name, but it looks like such a blatant Apple nod was decided against. A supposed leaked diagram perhaps points to AirPod-style hard tips and stems, which looks to be backed up by this latest image. The more affordable OnePlus Nord and Buds will be unveiled on July 21 at 7am PDT. To watch the livestream with added AR gimmickry, download the special app.

OnePlus Nord AR
OnePlus Nord AR
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
Price: Free