The Pixel Buds have only just launched in Canada, the UK, and many more international markets, but the good news don't stop there: Google promises a feature drop update to the true wireless earbuds, according to information the company relayed to Forbes. Along with unspecified new capabilities, the update is supposed to finally fix the notorious audio cut out problems the Buds are plagued with, which Google already promised a month ago.

Even though Google says that the audio cut out problems are "corner cases," the problem seems to be widespread enough to warrant a software update. Hopefully, we'll see some substantial improvement. Other than that, not much is known about the update. Google only told Forbes that "our next release will have a combination of new features...and then we'll also have performance improvements in terms of more stability coming into the product."

While the company didn't mention a specific date, it "is aiming for late August," so it's possible that the Buds update will be released alongside the fourth Pixel phone feature drop. That would almost be in line with the first three releases, which have hit phones roughly every three months, the last one being released on June 1.