GPS has made it possible to always know where you are. Actually, scratch that—not always. GPS can be flaky in dense urban areas, but Google has a solution. The Live View AR feature from walking navigation is now available as an option to calibrate your location and orientation. The option is a bit hidden, though.

The Live View option is available in the "blue dot" menu, which does not have an official name as far as I'm aware. Just tap the blue dot signifying your location to bring up options for sharing your location, setting a parking spot, and down at the bottom is the new "Calibrate with Live View" option. The first time you use it, you'll have to grant Maps access to your camera and tap through some tutorial pages.

If you've used Google's AR walking navigation before, this UI will look familiar. Simply sweep the phone around you, allowing the AI magic to take in the surroundings and refine your location. The "beam" emanating from the blue dot that indicates the direction you're facing should also shrink. Importantly, you will need ARCore support, and not all phones have that.

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