Just like with last year's Android 10 beta program, Google isn't the only company allowing people to try out the latest and greatest OS on their phones. OnePlus is one of several manufacturers with an opt-in Android 11 beta software track, and now people with a OnePlus 8 or 8 Plus can try out Beta 2.

Android 11 Beta 2 was first released by Google last week, and it has been available to use on Pixel phones since then. According to XDA Developers, Beta 2 is now available to flash on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. If you're already on the beta track, just refresh the system update settings page, and it should appear. The OTA links are also available at the source link below.

This is beta-quality software, and in addition to all the bugs in stock Android 11 right now, there are a few known problems on OnePlus phones:

  • All data will be cleared while flashing the build
  • Certain UI screens look less than desirable
  • Some camera functions are not available
  • Some apps may not function as expected
  • System stability issues

On top of all that, some OxygenOS features haven't been ported to Android 11 yet. Still, if you absolutely want to try Android 11 on your OnePlus 8, now you can give Beta 2 a shot.