While YouTube Music is still missing a few features from Play Music, Google is already working on making the service more capable than its predecessor (or more similar to Spotify, depending on your perspective). The company has added artist playlists to the platform, allowing you to listen to the music your favorite bands listen to — if they proactively add playlists to their profiles, that is.

YouTube artist playlists are basically the same as Spotify artist playlists. Artists or their managers can add handpicked selections of songs to the artist page, which is what Korean pop phenomenon BTS did as one of the first bands. When you visit its artist profile and scroll down to the bottom, you'll notice a new Playlists section that showcases each member's favorite songs. The playlists are also available on artists' YouTube channels, which might help spread the feature's popularity, even though we haven't found any other artist with a playlist on YouTube Music yet.

If you're interested in checking out BTS' favorite tunes (or if you'd like to see how the feature works), head to their profile on the web or open your YouTube Music app and search for the band. You can get the application on the Play Store or over at APK Mirror.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
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