It's hard to imagine the world without Twitter right now. So much is happening on the platform these last few years, from politics, product announcements, and grassroots movements to more personal means of communication. Given that there are 7.8 billion people in the world and Android being the most used mobile operating system, you'd think that the Twitter app already has more than one billion installs, but no, the application has just now crossed that milestone on the Play Store.

One reason why it took the Twitter app this long might be the extensive third-party ecosystem the social network used to endorse. Before draconian restrictions were imposed on these projects killing a lot in the process, many people preferred (or even still prefer) using third-party clients over the official one for various reasons: Strictly chronological timeline views, no unwanted trending topics or suggested tweets, and no promoted content. It probably also doesn't help that the Twitter website is a PWA that's almost as good — if not better — than the Android app itself, giving you a more lightweight experience, system theme-respecting dark mode, notifications, and more.

In breaking the 1-billion threshold, the Twitter app joins the ranks of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (which reached more than 5 billion installs earlier this year), a slew of pre-installed Google apps, and some more found on Samsung phones, including Microsoft Word.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
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