As we charge and discharge the batteries in our phones over time, those cells degrade and they can't hold juice like they used to. Of course, how our phones perform to get around this loss was the basis of Apple's Batterygate in 2018. Regardless of that, battery health is an important metric we should be tracking for a variety of reasons and, for owners of OnePlus phones, there's an easy way to do that.

If you own an older OnePlus device, you may not have heard of the OnePlus Diagnostic app before. From what we can gather, this is generally used by support-side staff to get some key vital stats on a device shipped in for repair. But the APK is available from APK Mirror right now and it's a neat way to check your device's battery health with just a couple taps.

Unlike the OnePlus Care app, users get a percentage read-out of how their battery is holding up — in the case of my OnePlus 6T with sporadic usage, it's apparently doing great at 92%.

According to other users, it's about when you get below 80% that the app considers its capacity to have suffered a "serious loss," so if you're interested in extending the useful life of your phone and can access affordable repair services, you now have a good way of knowing when to go into the shop.

By the way, the OnePlus Care app also has a section where users can check their battery health, but it uses qualitative ratings, not percentages, and it's used more for insurance services.