It was all the way back in October 2019 when the 2nd-generation Pixel Buds were revealed at Google's big annual hardware event, which seems like such a long, long time ago now. It wasn't until April this year that customers in the US could get their hands on a pair, and until today there's been no availability outside the States. If you live in Canada, the UK, or one of several other lucky countries, you should now be able to make an order.

As expected, color options are mostly limited to Clearly White, but stock of other models should be next month in some markets. We've checked the Google Store and here's what's available and where:

  • Canada — $239 — Available: Clearly White. Waiting list: Quite Mint, Almost Black.
  • UK — £179 — Available: Clearly White. Waiting list: Almost Black.
  • Germany — €199 — Available: Clearly White.
  • France — €199 — Available: Clearly White.
  • Spain — €199 — Available: Clearly White.
  • Ireland — €199 — Available: Clearly White.
  • Italy — €199 — Available: Clearly White.
  • Australia — $279 — Available: Clearly White.
  • Singapore — $269 — Available: Clearly White.

They're still not yet on sale in Japan, unfortunately. According to the above tweet, other color options should be available from next month in regions where they are planned — Google UK confirmed to us that the black model will arrive here next month, while Google Canada will also offer the same black and also Quite Mint. Unfortunately, it seems only the US will be getting the snazzy Oh So Orange paint job.

As outlined by the local Canada Google Blog, the Pixel Buds will be available from Best BuyStaplesWIRELESS WAVETbooth wireless and TELUS, as well as the Google Store itself. In our review, Taylor was a little disappointed by some aspects of the new Pixel Buds, but there's still a lot to like about them.