Google Chrome has helped you save precious data for a long time with its data saver that eventually turned into the Lite mode we know today. As reported by TechDows, Google seems to be working on a Lite mode that extends to videos, making them play in SD quality.

As spotted in the Chromium bug tracker, the feature is currently called LiteVideos. It makes websites return SD quality clips in favor of HD ones by simulating "low bandwidth conditions by throttling media responses, to allow adaptive MSE video players to lower the resolution, and consume less data."

The option is currently live in the Canary release of Chrome 86, which is slated to go stable in late September/early October. It can be activated by turning on two flags in chrome://flags: Enable LiteVideos and Force LiteVideos decision. Those currently stuck working from home on a metered connection might be delighted to learn that the experiment is also available on desktops: Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS are all supported.

If you want to try the data-saving feature for yourself on your Android phone, download the Canary release of Chrome from the Play Store or APK Mirror. Keep in mind that that's the most unstable release of Chrome, so you shouldn't use it as your daily driver. As with any feature that's still under development and unannounced, it's also always possible that Google scraps the project altogether before release.

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