Still manually cleaning your floors like some kind of chump? Get with the program. Here in the future, we've got robots to do that sort of thing. And just for today, two such robots are on sale at Amazon: Roborock's S5 and and E4 smart vacuums are $120 and $65 off their regular going rates.

The pricier Roborock S5 is currently $360, down from a normal price of $480. It's actually a vacuum and a mop in one, so it'll clean your hard and soft floors equally well. If you're just looking for a vacuum, the E4's got you covered for significantly less — it's $195, down from its typical $259.99.

The sale is an Amazon Deal of the Day, meaning it'll end at the stroke of midnight tonight (Pacific time, that is). Hit either of the links below to check these out before it's too late.