Logitech took a risk when it launched the Harmony Express, a new take on age-old problems surrounding universal remotes. Instead of plastering the device with every button you could possibly need, the Express' primary input is its microphone, powered by Amazon Alexa. While our own Ryne Hager loved this approach in his review last year, the unique strategy apparently didn't catch on as much as the company had hoped: Logitech is discontinuing the remote on September 30, 2020, when the Express and its companion apps will stop working.

Logitech says that the Express "aimed to replace the complexity of the touch screens and programmable buttons found on other Harmony remotes with a simple voice interface," but the product didn't meet the company's expectations. That's why it decided to scrap the project altogether and focus on improving its regular universal remote lineup instead.

Before anyone picks up pitchforks, the company offers a full refund or a free Harmony Elite to anyone who purchased the Express. While the replacement lacks a dedicated Alexa button, its hub works with other Alexa-equipped devices, so you won't lose voice control, even if you'll have to adjust to another workflow. To claim your refund or the Elite, head to Logitech's support website.

While I'm not happy that a ton of Express units are needlessly going to landfill, I still have to applaud Logitech here: The company acknowledged that it's not happy with its product, communicated the discontinuation well ahead of time, and gives its customers more than generous offers. If only other businesses were this well run.