LG is spreading around a new coat of paint for its Android smartphones in South Korea.

The company introduced LG UX 10 — which it calls Velvet UI in its home market — based on Android 10 with the Velvet smartphone back in May and is now working on updates to bring the look to its older phones as well. The V50 was first in line as it received an OTA this past Tuesday, but it'll be one of six devices with the G7, G8, V35, V40, and V50S to follow suit.

Expect revamps to the volume, notification icon, and call notification interfaces, according to a Social LG blog post.

The Velvet has yet to officially go on sale in Europe and North America, so we're not even at the point of speculating about whether UX 10 will come to other phones on those shores. Some LG device owners may consider just getting Android 10 a win.

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