Mobvoi is one of the few companies still taking the future of Wear OS seriously and releasing new hardware. But today Mobvoi has a deal reaching into the past. The company's 2018 flagship smartwatch, the TicWatch Pro, is available on Amazon for just $139.99, a savings of $60 off recent prices.

When we reviewed the watch a couple years back, we called it a pretty good smartwatch, and it's 28-day battery life in Essential mode is impressive. Mobvoi even added sleep tracking to it last year, beating Apple to the game. Only the silver version is on sale, but hey, it's a classic look.

The TicWatch E and S models are on sale as well, if only for $10 off. Neither are as specced out as the TicWatch Pro, but I think the TicWatch E is still one of the best-looking smartwatches with that unique translucent bezel.

These puppies might be several years old, but to be honest, Wear OS watches haven't gotten all that better since then. If you just want a watch that shows you notifications, music controls, and can load an app every now and then, maybe one of these can keep your wrist warm until Mobvoi's upcoming smartwatch with Qualcomm's brand new processor hits the market.