Most of Google's mobile applications have switched over to the company's updated Material Theme, but there are still a few holdouts. One of them was the Google Analytics app, which hasn't had a significant design update since 2016, but that has finally changed with version 4.0.

Google Analytics 4.0 is now rolling out on the Play Store, and the main change is that the Lollipop-era Material look has been updated to match the recent changes to other Google apps. The shades of orange and grey are gone, replaced with white and... more white.

Old design

New design

Thankfully, the layout is still roughly the same, so webmasters won't have to re-learn where everything is. The search button is now a full-width search bar, and switching accounts is significantly easier (it has the same swipe-based account selector as Gmail), but I didn't notice any other interface changes.

Sadly, Google didn't take this opportunity to implement a real tablet interface — the only optimization for larger screens is that cards are organized into two columns instead of just one. A permanently-pinned sidebar just like the web app would have been nice. There's also no dark theme, at least not yet.

Old (left) vs. new (right) Google Analytics on a 10-inch tablet

Google Analytics 4.0 is still in the early stages of rolling out on the Play Store. If you don't have it yet, feel free to grab it from APKMirror.

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Google Analytics
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