We've got a month left before the Galaxy Note20 phones make their way to store shelves, but if you're looking to maximize your value on a smartphone purchase, perhaps you should look to a Galaxy Note10. New, dual-SIM international units are currently on sale for $610, but you might need to act now to get this price.

You probably know the deal with the Note10 because it's been out for so long (if you don't, lucky you, we've got a review up of the Note10+, which is a close-enough analogue). And, if you're a loyal AP reader, you might also recall that we last marked a deal of a similarly-configured Note10 in April at $630.

Well, we've reached a new watermark: recognized eBay seller sobeonline1 has a number of 256GB Note10 units for $610; you can compare that to the $699 that Amazon offers. Only nine of the 54 units sold in this job lot have been at this price — the rest have been at higher prices — and we just don't know where the numbers will go from here, so your mileage may vary.

Some other notes: these units may have been unlocked in a way that prevents buyers from using Samsung Pay out of the box, though you may be able to find tutorials on how to get it working; AT&T and T-Mobile coverage is there, but it's not complete, and; you've got Aura Black and Red colorways to choose from.