Google introduced a native screenshot editing interface back in Android 9. Dubbed Markup, it provided a quick and easy way to edit screenshots prior to sharing or saving. And while it worked just fine, there was one tiny oversight: you couldn't delete a screenshot from the Markup editor itself. With the upcoming release of Android 11, it looks like Google is adding that delete option.

Starting with Android 11 beta, the Markup editor has a redesigned top bar. Instead of a back arrow and text labels for saving and sharing, there's now a 'Done' button along with icons for sharing or deleting the screenshot. Tapping 'Done' prompts you to choose whether to save or delete the screenshot.

Left: Android 10. Center and Right: Android 11.

It's nice to see Google improving on native experiences like screen recording and screenshot editing. Little tweaks like these really help form a cohesive operating system — Android 11 may not be all that exciting on first glance, but with more quality-of-life additions, I think it'll be a welcome upgrade.

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