Stadia has been rightly concerned with securing big-name AAA experiences to pad out its catalog, but indie representation has been growing in recent months. Soon, Google's cloud gaming platform will add another indie heavyweight: critical darling (and one of my personal favorite games of 2018) Celeste.

Celeste is a pixel art platformer in which, as troubled young adult Madeline, you climb, jump, and dash your way up a mountain. The game is notoriously difficult, requiring split-second timing to make your way through precise sequences. If you've noticed your individual Stadia experience to be particularly laggy in other games, you'll have a tough time here.

The game was a runaway success when it was first released almost three years ago and currently sits at an aggregate critic score of 92 on Metacritic. It's already available on every current-generation console and PC, but if you've somehow missed it, it's definitely one to check out on Stadia (if your connection is up to it).

Google hasn't announced a firm release date, saying only that Celeste is coming to Stadia "soon."