Amazon's voice assistant works on a ton of devices from TVs to tablets. There's even an Alexa app on Android that lets you talk to Alexa instead of your default voice assistant. Support for full Alexa voice interaction came in 2018, but it's always required a press of the big blue button — until now.

It's been a long wait, but Amazon has finally added hotword support to its Alexa app on Android and iOS. When users first press the blue button, they'll be informed they can "talk to Alexa on the go" by simply saying "Alexa" from any screen in the app.

The feature's currently live, and seems to work pretty well from my testing. Alexa is such a major player in the voice assistant space that it's a little odd it took so long for this to make it into the app.

Hotword support isn't the only recent addition, as Amazon added the ability to share photos and emoji reactions to Echo Show devices via the app last month. Alexa can be set as the default assistant on Android devices, but that capability doesn't come with the hotword. Even though this app update only adds support for saying "Alexa" in the app itself, it's still a nice step for those in the Amazon ecosystem.

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