With every big new OS version there are countless under-the-hood upgrades that will go unnoticed by regular users but could have a positive impact on their experience. Android 11 will be no different, and we've spotted one such small but potentially important new feature in Google's developer documentation for the upcoming release. Starting in Android 11, apps will be able to grant per-process network access.

That may not sound like the sexiest new feature, but if it's correctly implemented by devs, it could improve the security of data you share with apps. By limiting network access to only those processes that explicitly need it, the possibility that a bug could cause an app to erroneously upload user data is reduced, which in turn prevents against inadvertent data leaks.

If you're a developer, take a look at the Android Developers site for more information and an example of how this new control is manifested in code. If you're just someone who uses an Android device, know that your apps could be that little bit more secure if developers update their apps to employ this new functionality.