Google has been experimenting with media controls in the Quick Settings panel ever since the first Android 11 Developer Preview. The feature was hidden at first, but it became an easily-accessible setting in Beta 1, and now it's enabled by default in Beta 2.

When you're playing media on Android 11, the controls appear inside the Quick Settings panel above your notifications, instead of just appearing as another notification in the stack. Just like with earlier versions of Android, you can play, pause, and skip content without opening the app.

Left: Android 11 Beta 1; Right: Android 11 Beta 2

The feature is a bit different on Beta 2 than on previous Android 11 releases. The controls now always appear below the Quick Settings tiles, instead of beside them (which caused the tiles to be squished). When two or more apps have media controls, you can swipe left or right on the panel to switch between applications.

Unfortunately, there's still not an easy way to remove the media controls without swiping the appropriate app out of the Recents screen. Also, it's still not functional for everyone on Beta 2, though that could be an unintended bug.

Hopefully, Google will keep working on this before Android 11's final public release.