The experience of watching live TV on one of Amazon's Fire TV devices is getting a boost today with the addition of two big names in the digital live TV space. YouTube TV and Sling TV are fully integrated as of today, so you'll be able to see content from both services in the Live tab. Furthermore, Hulu + Live TV will be made available in the near future.

The Live TV tab is situated directly to the right of the home screen in the Fire TV interface, so it's just a button press away. From there, each service that you're subscribed to will get its own row of recently watched channels, while the channel guide now combines everything so you can browse all of your accessible content in one place. You can add channels to favorites, too, so they'll appear front and center on your Live tab.

Some of this will also be surfaced on the home screen as Recents or On-now for even faster access. Naturally, you can also call on Alexa to take you to a channel or search for specific shows. With the new additions, Fire TV now has nearly 20 live TV apps as well as numerous streaming services — yet, if you're anything like me, you'll still struggle to decide on what to watch sometimes. Too much choice is a nice problem to have, though.

US customers with Fire TV Edition Smart TVs or Fire TV Recast DVR can also get over-the-air channels that will be integrated in much the same way. YouTube TV (which recently got an unsavory price hike) and Sling TV (which announced a price freeze in response) will be available in the Live tab once you've installed today's update, while Hulu + Live TV is simply "coming soon."