Samsung is the most popular Android manufacturer in the world, and its bestsellers aren't its flagships. The company announced the mid-range A51 and A71 late last year with one of the catchiest jingles I've heard in a smartphone ad. Now software updates that bring many flagship-level features from the Galaxy S20 are coming to both of these lower-end phones.

The area receiving the biggest upgrade is the camera experience. Samsung introduced Single Take as a way to make capturing moments in every mode simpler for users, and now Single Take will be available on both the A51 and A71.

With so many modes these days, Single Take is a really cool way to simplify the shooting process.

A ton of other S20 camera features are coming in this update, including several Pro Mode capabilities like manual focus and shutter speed control, as well as night hyperlapse and the ability to create custom image filters from images in the camera roll. A few tricks are coming to the gallery as well, like a clean view that groups consecutively shot images together, and quick cropping right from the media viewing screen.

Along with the camera enhancements, the A51 and A71 are getting a handful of other tweaks. Searching via the search bar in the app tray will now bring up predicted apps, settings, and contacts. Text can be translated from the keyboard, and swiping left or right with two fingers on the keyboard will serve as an undo and redo shortcut. Finally, Quick Share and Music Share will both be available, letting Samsung users quickly share files and Bluetooth audio devices.

It's cool to see flagship-level features coming to not just older Samsung hardware, but also more recent mid-range devices. We found the A51's camera a bit lacking when we reviewed it, but this update might help alleviate that pain point a little. Now if only Samsung could figure out how to remove its spammy ads with an update.