Good Lock is one of my favorite parts of One UI, which is why I've droned on about it so many times. In short, Good Lock houses several modules that allow you to tweak your Samsung software experience, offering a degree of control that rival custom ROMs. Several of those modules just received new updates today, most of which are small bug fixes. However, One Hand Operation + got a more significant update, bringing some new features, as well.

The first addition is a new swipe action for adjusting media volume. A long swipe up could raise the volume, while a long swipe down can do the opposite. There's also a handy pop-up with up and down arrows to adjust the volume incrementally. I think I'll be sticking to the physical keys, but this is an interesting idea.

The mini task switcher has benefited from an overhaul to its opening animation. It's the same basic animation as before, but now it's as smooth as those found throughout the OS, making it that much more pleasant to use. A three-dot menu has been added for each open app, containing the same options as those found in the default overview screen. From here you can close an app, lock it in RAM, and open it in a split-screen window or pop-up view.

The quick tools panel contains twelve shortcuts for various system functions like Wi-Fi, auto-rotate, and taking a screenshot. This update adds yet another option to the already lengthy list in the form of a color inversion toggle. It does exactly as the name suggests, turning the color inversion accessibility feature on and off.

Another swipe action has been added to the gesture list called screen rotation. When this is assigned to a gesture, performing the action will force your screen into either landscape or portrait, depending on your original orientation. In function, it's identical to the rotate screen pop-up that Google introduced in Android 9, only now it can have a dedicated gesture — handy for these of you who use this function regularly. Like Google's implementation, which is included in One UI as well, this will only work if auto-rotate is switched off.

Beyond these new features, this update also fixes a problem some owners were having with the color of the gesture handle, so if you were one of those people, you'll be glad to see it fixed.

In addition to One Hand Operation +, other Good Lock modules have also received updates today. Those include EdgeLighting +, QuickStar, NavStar, LockStar, SoundAssistant, and Nice Catch. The changelogs for these apps have either remained the same as the previous version or simply list "bug fixes" as the purpose of the update. After digging around them all for signs of any new features, I've come up blank. One Hand Operation + is indeed the only module to receive new features today.

These updates all hit my S20 Ultra this morning via the Galaxy Store, but if they're nowhere to be found for you, then we have you covered over at APK Mirror:

Close app button is back

When the previous update added an overflow menu to the task switcher, the close button was removed, adding an extra step to closing an app, as you now had to open the three-dot menu before pressing close. In today's update, Samsung has reinstated the close app button to where it belongs. It's a minor change, but it's one that soon builds up as you use it. The APK Mirror link above has been updated to take you to this new version.