After a long hiatus, it looks like Google Fiber is finally ready to start expanding to new markets again. In a blog post yesterday, Google announced that the West Des Moines, Iowa city council has approved an "open conduit network," and that Google fiber will be the first tenant for city-wide internet access via the new plan. Over 66,000 new customers will have access to Google Fiber's fast and cheap internet access — and incumbents will finally have a reason to compete.

The last time we heard about Google Fiber, it was because the service was taking a step back and giving up in Louisville because of difficulties with the deployment method. Before that, the last major market expansion was San Antonio, Texas and the aforementioned (and short-lived) Louisville, Kentucky.

Interested West Des Moinesians (Moinesites?) can register to be kept up to date on Google Fiber's progress in the city. According to details on that page, the specifications for Google Fiber in West Des Moines will match other markets: A contract-free $70 monthly fee (pus taxes and fees) gets you gigabit up and down, with no ridiculous data caps. Even folks that don't jump on the Google Fiber train will likely benefit from the increased market competition there.