The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent quarantine it caused have made video calling services a mainstay of every household. While Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed, other services have done their best to catch up. Google's Duo added more features than we can count over the past few months, and upped the group call limit from 8 to 12 in March. That capacity has now been increased again to 32.

The change has been teased since April, then in May we learned from Google that the new limit would be 32. In June, the 32-person capacity showed up on Duo on the web, and now it's finally live in the Android app as well.

If you open the app, you might be greeted by a pop-up telling you that groups can now contain up to 32 persons. But don't worry if you don't spot the message. Just make a new group and you should be able to select up to 31 contacts (in addition to you, obviously). When a group is created, you can send participants handwritten notes, still images, audio and video, as well as either audio or video calling them.

The change is live for us on versions of Duo starting from v92 and up to v94, so it's likely a server-side flip that got switched remotely over the past day. If you're still limited to 12 participants, be patient. It'll probably roll out to you soon.

Google Duo
Google Duo
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