Released back in 2018 for the low, low price of just $85, the Nokia 1 has been one of the most affordable Android options on the market. In our review, we found that it maybe made a bit too many compromises to reach that price point, but one area that Nokia didn't compromise on is software updates. Despite being a sub-$100 phone from over two years ago, the Nokia 1 is now receiving an upgrade to Android 10.

According to a post on Nokia's community forum, the update is beginning to roll out in 13 countries including Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam. Only a small percentage of users are receiving the update today, but 50% of devices will have it by July 10. If all goes well, everyone in those 13 markets will start getting it by July 12.

Juho Sarvikas, Nokia's Chief Product Officer, confirmed the release on Twitter:

Entry-level devices are usually update challenged — it can cost a lot of money to provide continuing software updates to users, and each update generally pushes back the point when a user feels the need to go shopping for a new phone. The Nokia 1 Plus got its update a few months ago, and with today's roll out, Nokia only has a few more devices to go before it's Android 10 promises are fulfilled.