Google is rolling out a handful of minor visual tweaks to the Play Store in a recently spotted test. The change rearranges the Categories section to remove the "top categories" carousel at the top, increases the whitespace between listed categories, and updates the icons themselves. These changes also apply to other parts of the Play Store that include categories, like the Family tab.


Left: "Old" categories. Right: The new test.

The changes are immediately visible, but the Categories tab probably isn't the most frequently-browsed part of the Play Store, so it may not have a huge impact. Nonetheless, it looks like Google is going for new mint green and blue color scheme for the updated icons, and the bigger spacing is a bit less imposing. The "top categories" carousel is also gone.


Left: "Old" design in the new Kids tab. Center and right: New icons and redesigned categories in the old "Family" tab. Images via 9to5Google.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the changes also carry over to the "kids category" section in the Family tab, with similar spacing in a new category overflow menu, and an updated layout with the new icon styles. (The test probably also covers the same section in the newer "Kids" tab as well, which is replacing the Family tab.)

Google runs tons of server-side tests on the Play Store, and though this change isn't live on our devices yet, there's no way to know if it will pan out until it rolls out more widely or Google formally announces it. It's a minor change, but you might spot it landing on your phone in the coming weeks.