OnePlus added video editing features to its built-in Gallery app back in 2018, and that included the ability to edit slow-motion video. But, in a change which slid under most people's radar, the ability to edit slow-motion video was pulled from the OnePlus Gallery app last month. Don't grab your pitchforks just yet though, because it sounds like the feature should make a quick return.

To be clear, shooting slow-motion video hasn't been removed. What's missing is the ability to edit the slow-motion video afterward. Previously, users could opt to edit a slow-motion video right from the Gallery app or from inside the Camera app. The feature was removed in version 3.12.19 of the OnePlus Gallery app, but we have confirmed that rolling back to an earlier build will allow users to tweak slow-motion videos as usual. And of course, there's always the option to edit videos in one of the Play Store's many app options.

Left: Standard videos still have an edit option. Right: Slow-motion video on the right has no option to edit.

According to a reply from OnePlus on the Play Store listing for the Gallery app, the feature has been removed in order to improve it. The company hopes to add it back at some point in the future. It looks like the feature may even be rolling back out to certain devices already.

OnePlus responds to a user's Play Store review about missing slow-motion editing.

While it's nice to know that the missing feature isn't just a troublesome bug, I wish OnePlus had been a bit more clear about this change when it first occurred. It would've been nice if the company had left the current implementation in place while working on improving it behind-the-scenes. If you've already installed the update that removes slow-motion editing, feel free to roll back to the last build that included it on APK Mirror.

We've reached out to OnePlus for comment, and will update this post with any new information we hear back.


This is fixed in v3.12.28 of the Gallery. You can read more about it and check other new features here.