The Galaxy S20 is an incredibly expensive phone, no matter which one you buy, with the range-topping S20 Ultra starting a jaw-dropping $1400. When you're carrying a phone that's more expensive than some people's first cars, it's understandable that you'll want to buy a good case to keep it crack-free. Glass sandwiches may be all the rage in phone design right now, but there's no denying they're fragile, and picking a case to protect your new investment can be tough, especially with so many names and brands out there to choose from. We've got reviews of some of the top cases from brands like Spigen, Speck, Poetic, dbrand, Supcase, Pitaka, Ringke, and Samsung itself.

This roundup will cover a wide variety of cases, and will discuss the pros and cons of each, as well as the experience of using them. Over the coming months, we'll continue to update it as new cases and screen protectors are released.

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Samsung Leather Case

After using this case on my S10+, I knew what to expect when I ordered it for my S20 Ultra and nothing has changed. It doesn't offer much in the way of drop protection, the lip around the front doesn't protect the display, the bottom edge of the phone is left exposed, and it's insanely expensive. Despite all of that, it's my favorite and the one I use most. Leather cases aren't intended to offer the best protection, instead focusing on the aesthetic and feel in the hand. Samsung get things right on that front.

The Good

Design Looks and feels wonderful.
Variety Plenty of colors to choose from.
Size Doesn't add bulk to an already big phone.

The Not So Good

Price Expensive.
Protection No protection from anything other than scratches.

This case feels phenomenal, and the build quality is top-notch. The inside of the case is a soft microfiber to prevent scratches, and the buttons are made of metal. As you can see in the photo, the buttons are color matched to the rest of the case, and I think it looks stunning. Because the case hugs the phone so tightly, the buttons don't feel mushy, as is often the case. Unlocking your device, or changing the volume, feels just as good with the case on as it does when your phone is naked.

At $50, it's hard for me to tell you to buy it, but if you want a case that looks and feels amazing, and you don't need heavy duty protection, this is the best option. Samsung do often discount accessories through the Samsung Members app, so it's worth keeping an eye out there. I was fortunate enough to get 50% off, and £22 is easier to justify.

Verdict: One of the nicest cases on the market, but not worth the full price.

dbrand Skin

If you don't like cases, but still want to protect your S20 from scratches, or make it less slippery, a dbrand skin is the perfect solution. Coming in a wide array of colors and textures, it's easy to find something that will suit your taste. A dbrand skin also fixes one of my biggest gripes with the S20 Ultra; the lack of color options. Coming from a prism green Galaxy S10+, only having the choice of black or grey left me feeling underwhelmed. it was for this reason that I ordered this skin weeks before my phone arrived.

The Good

Options Plenty of colors, patterns and textures to choose from.
Size Adds only a few millimeters to the device.
Compatibility All of the cases in this review fit over the skin without damaging it.

The Not So Good

Protection Other than preventing scratches and it making harder to drop, the skin won't offer any protection in a fall.
Permanency The skin can't be removed and reapplied. Once it's been pulled off, it stays off.

The S20 Ultra is an incredibly slippery phone, and it's immense size doesn't help it stay in you hand either. The extra grip afforded by a skin goes a long way to rectify that issue. Not everyone will like the feel of vinyl on the back of their device, but personally it doesn't bother me. Having the S20 in my favorite color and not worrying about scuffs or scratches far outweighs any negatives.

Verdict: Perfect for people who don't like cases, but want protection

dbrand Grip

If you're a fan of its skins, but aren't brave enough to rock your phone without a case, the dbrand Grip tries to be the best of both worlds. While it certainly looks good and offers decent protection, the sides feel cheap and it's far too bulky for my liking. It's also incredibly expensive.

The Good

Style The Grip can be styled with any of the skins dbrand produce, giving more versatility than any other.
Buttons Some of the best feeling buttons of any of these cases.

The Not So Good

Price $30 is expensive.
Feel The sides of the case don't feel as good as they should.
Size The Grip is far thicker than it needs to be.

The Grip is a little disappointing. It's far better than the original, but still falls short in some key areas. The rubbery material used around the sides feels tacky, and it's incredibly thick. You'll definitely notice it in your pocket, and there won't be much room left for anything else. It's not cheap either, coming in at $30 for the S20 Ultra. that may sound hypercritical after I recommended Samsung's leather case, but at least that feels premium. The Grip, despite looking great, doesn't feel as good as it looks. It has quality buttons though, offering the same clicky feeling of Samsung's official cases.

Verdict: Only buy if you have your heart set on one of its skins, but need a case to go with it

Poetic Affinity

The Poetic Affinity shakes up the usual formula for clear cases by adding extra style elements and textures in order to stand out. It also manages to offer plenty of protection without being too bulky, or making the phone feel cumbersome.

The Good

Design Looks unique in a sea of similar looking clear cases.
Feel Textured back feels nice to hold and is less slippery.
Price $13 is great value for a high quality case.
Options Affinity is available in opaque, colored options as well as clear.

The Not So Good

Buttons Buttons feel a little stiff.

This is by far my favorite clear case of the lot. Others tend to look the same, and can only be told apart by the logos. The grippy texture and styled elements make this one stand out from the crowd, and it looks good in the process. Affinity offers some of the best protection of the lot, without being too big, although those with small hands may need to look elsewhere. My only criticism is that the buttons feel a little stiff, but that's just me nitpicking. If you're after a clear case that offers a lot of protection, this is the one to go for.

Verdict: For $13 you won't find a better clear case

Poetic Revolution

It might be large, but the Revolution justifies its size with top-notch protection, and the sturdiest kickstand of any case I've ever used. Ideal for workman, or anybody else using their phones in harsh environments, you can be confident that the Revolution will keep your precious device safe.

The Good

Protection Thick sides and a big front lip will keep your phone safe, and the charger cover is a nice touch.
Value $20 is great value for a case built this well.
Buttons Solid, clicky feeling buttons.
Style It won't be for everybody, but I like the industrial design.
Colorful Six color options ensures you'll find something that suits your needs.

The Not So Good

Size Big protection means lots of bulk.

I don't usually like heavy-duty cases, as they often interfere with everyday usage, but the Revolution is, well, a revolution. The immense size is justified by the superior protection it provides, and the peace of mind that comes with it. It's certainly not for everyone, as one handed use it almost impossible, even with my large hands. This can be negated to an extent, by popping up the kickstand and sliding a finger through it like a built in popsocket.  It's nice to have a cover for the charging port as well. Again, this isn't something most people will need, but if you work where there's plenty of dirt and dust floating around, this will keeping your USB-C port safe and clean.

If you wear jeans or other tight fitting attire, you're definitely going to feel this in your pocket, provided it even fits. Realistically, unless you're the clumsiest person on the planet, you should only buy this if you spend a lot of time in high-risk environments. During my testing, I found myself putting this case on when hiking, and taking it off as soon as I returned home.

Despite the added thickness, wireless charging and mobile payments work as they should. The included kickstand is the best I've ever used, and supports the S20 in either orientation without the slightest wobble. While others feel flimsy and delicate, the Revolution is sturdy and you don't need to be gentle with it. I only have the blue on-hand, but it's available in five other colors, including some metallic options.

Verdict: The best protection available, but it's too large for most. Only buy this if you need the protection.

Poetic Guardian

If you want the same level of protection offered by the Revolution without the kickstand and in a thinner package, the Guardian is the perfect fit. Like the Revolution, the Guardian is a case that will be far too large for many, but it tries its best to feel thinner.

The Good

Protection Good impact protection, as well as keeping your charging port clean.
Price Like the rest of the cases from Poetic, this is great value for $17.

The Not So Good

Feel The clear material used on the back feels thin, raising questions about durability.
Size Once again, all that protection comes with a price.

The Guardian is a decent option if you need a lot of protection, but falls short of the Revolution. The back dips in for the transparent window in an attempt to feel thinner in the hand, but becomes less comfortable to hold in the process. That window is also incredibly thin, making me wonder about long term durability. I also find it to be an odd choice for something that's supposed to be durable, as dirt and dust will no doubt stain the clear plastic over time. Having said that, many may want a chunky, protective case that let's them see their device underneath, and this is fine for those people. In my opinion, the Revolution is a more polished product, and only costs an extra $3. Like the other offerings from Poetic, this too is available in multiple colors, although it's only the small piece at the bottom that displays the logo that is different.

Verdict: Unless you really want a clear back and don't want a kickstand, get the Revolution

Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen have made a name for themselves as one of the best case manufacturers on the market, providing sturdy, well built cases for a wide range of devices. The Tough Armor is the big boy of its line-up, offering hardcore protection in a slim package.

The Good

Size This case manages to protect your phone incredibly well, without being the size of a small moon.
Feel Top quality materials makes this case a joy to hold.
Style It's simple, but in this case that's a good thing.
Value This is a lot of case for $18.

The Not So Good

Colors You can have it in any color you like, so long as it's black or grey.
Kickstand The flimsy feeling kickstand easily falls out when installing the case, and only works in landscape.

Spigen has long been my favorite case maker, and over the years I've owned every one it makes, except for this one. When I opened the big box of cases sent to me by Spigen, this was the first to come out, as I was curious to see how good it was. Like the other Spigen offerings, the Tough Armor is very well made for the most part, thanks to the soft and grippy rubber sides and hard plastic shell. Sadly, it all falls down once you reach the kickstand.

The case comes in two parts; a soft rubbery case and a hard plastic shell. The kickstand sits in a grove between the two pieces, making it fall out almost constantly during the installation. It stays put once everything is together, but it wobbles like mad when flipping it up or down. The mechanism that holds it closed is too strong, and it feels like you're going to snap something whenever you use it. On top of that, it only holds the phone up in landscape, which admittedly is what most people will use it for. When compared to the one found on the Poetic Revolution, this is a little disappointing.

What this case does offer is the best compromise between protection and size. It's thick enough to keep your phone safe from drops, but it's still more than manageable in one hand. Where the larger Revolution is for people working in harsh environments, this is better suited to the everyday clumsy person. The only thing missing is a cover for the charging port, but you can't have everything. Sadly, like the S20 Ultra itself, this only comes in black and grey.

Verdict: Good quality, as well as the best compromise between security and handling, marred only by a flimsy kickstand.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Air Armor is one of my favorite cases, and has been since last year. When I'm not using Samsung's leather case, this is where you'll find my S20. On the surface, it's just another black TPU case, but once you hold it in your hand you'll see it's much more than that.

The Good

Look and feel The geometric pattern looks good, and feels even better.
Value At $12, this is one of the cheapest cases on this list.
Quality Despite the price, Air Armor feels anything but cheap.
Protection Decent lip around the edges, as well as Spigen's Air Cushion tech.

The Not So Good

Cleaning Dust likes to nestle in the grooves on the back, and it's not easy to get rid of.
Colors Air Armor only comes in black, which is fine, but more options would be appreciated.

As mentioned at the outset, this has been one of my go-to cases for well over a year now. When I'm going to work, or to a social gathering where people may knock the phone out of my hand, this is the perfect case. It may not offer the kind of military grade protection that you get with Tough Armor, but in most situations that's unnecessary. Liquid Air Armor does utilize Spigen's patented Air Cushion technology though, so despite being incredibly thin, your phone should survive most drops. When I say thin, I really mean thin. There's enough of a lip around the display to keep it safe, but the back adds almost no additional bulk. Liquid Air is perfect for people who wear tight-fitting trousers, as you'll barely notice it's there.

The geometric pattern differentiates Air Armor from all the other black cases on the market, both in terms of look and feel. Spigen use a lovely soft-touch TPU for their cases, that feels good and helps you keep a firm grip on your device. Having used many Spigen products since 2016, I can say with a certainty that they age well. While some cases crack over time, all of my Spigen cases look the same today as they did when new, with the exception of the clear products. Wrapping all of this up with a price point of just $12, you'll be hard-pressed to find better value.

One downside to the grooves on the back is dust. Dust loves to nestle into the case, and because it's made of such a grippy material it isn't easy to get off. It's doable, but you'll want a good microfiber cloth to get the best out of it.

Verdict: The best thin-fit case you can buy, almost perfect if not for the lack of color options and dust attraction.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Rugged Armor has been a staple of the Spigen lineup for years now, and with good reason. Offering a fancy carbon fibre design, and a sandstone like material that feels great in the hand. Like the rest of the range, it offers great protection without compromising on size.

The Good

Feel Rugged Armor has a sandstone like texture that feels lovely to hold, and is far from slippery.
Price For $12, Spigen once again offer incredible value.
Protection Slightly thicker than Air Armor, this offers even better drop protection.

The Not So Good

Color options Rugged Armor is only available in black.

Before Spigen released Air Armor, this was my go-to case. Having first used it with my Nexus 6P, and then continued to do so until Air Armor released for the Pixel 3, I am able to give this case a thorough recommendation. As is the norm for all Spigen cases, air cushion technology provides superior protection when compared to other brands, as well as being thick enough to absorb impacts with ease. Although it is bigger than the slim-fit Air Armor, this case is still a manageable size, making it easy to hold. Handling is also improved by the choice of materials. Rugged Armor features a rough, sandstone feeling finish that makes sure it stays in your hand. If you've ever held a sandstone OnePlus One, then you'll appreciate this case. It feels very similar, if a little softer.

The only downside to this case is the lack of colour options and flare. Sure, the carbon accents look pretty good, but it still doesn't have the flare that other products exude. Adding a bright red option, while still keeping the carbon elements black, would look rather good in my opinion. Perhaps even a white variant too. The fact that this is the only criticism I can give it is a testament to its quality.

Verdict: If you want something a little thicker than Air Armor, and like the idea of that rough texture, you can't go wrong with this case for $12

Spigen Liquid Crystal

If you all you want is basic protection, whilst still showing off your shiny new phone, Liquid Crystal is a good option that doesn't break the bank.

The Good

Price $11 is more than reasonable for a case of this quality.
Clearness It's called crystal clear for a reason, as it doesn't distort the color of the device inside.
Size Just as thin as Air Armor, you won't notice it's there.

The Not So Good

Feel The clear material feels cheaper than what's used on other Spigen products.
Durability In my experience, clear cases turn yellow over time, spoiling the look.
Buttons Buttons are extremely stiff compared to other cases.

The issues I have aren't unique to this case, extending to virtually all clear cases. Over time, the oils in your skin will cause them to discolor. Spigen's offerings do, in my experience, last the longest, especially if you clean it with an alcohol wipe regularly. My Mum and Nan both use this case on their Moto devices, and it wasn't until two years in that I needed to change them. Most people change their phones at least that often, so for most it won't be an issue, but it's still worth keeping in mind.

Unlike regular cases, the clear variety generally all feel the same; easily becoming slippery as the oils in your skin build up. Moving on from my opinions on clear cases, I can say that Liquid Crystal is still a quality product. Offering the same grade of protection as the other Spigen slim-fit cases, it'll be more than tough enough for most people.

Verdict: If you like clear cases, this is the best thin-fit option.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Taking the formula from Liquid Crystal and adding extra protection, even the clumsiest of users can show their phone off to the world.

The Good

Price At $12, you're only paying an extra $1 for the added protection.
Protection Extra thickness around the back and sides, as well as bumpers in each corner will ensure the safety of your S20.
Size Although thicker than Liquid Crystal, it's still no bigger than Rugged Armor, and easy to hold.

The Not So Good

Feel Like all other clear cases, it feels cheaper than regular products.
Durability Watch out for yellowing over time and make sure to clean regularly.
Buttons Buttons feel incredibly stiff.

I'll avoid repeating the trappings of clear cases, and focus on the points unique to Ultra Hybrid. Increasing the thickness to match Rugged Armor, this case is more than capable of protecting your Galaxy S20. In addition, there are small bumpers in each corner to help negate any drops that land on the corner of your phone. It carries over everything that's good about the smaller Liquid Crystal, and turns the protection up to eleven.

Verdict: If you want some extra peace of mind, Ultra hybrid will keep things safe.

Ringke Fusion X

Ringke Fusion X certainly looks durable, but don't be fooled. It is not an easy case to hold, and offers less protection than you would think.

The Good

Price Fusion X only costs $8, although you can tell when holding it.
Variety Multiple design options is a nice touch.
Accessories Lanyard holes on each side makes it easy to attach a strap to this case.

The Not So Good

Protection The back is incredibly thin, and the the front lip won't give the display much clearance in a fall.
Feel Its funky design may look cool, but all those bumps dig into your hands.

The Fusion X has a an original look that may appeal to some, but sadly looks are only skin deep. The bumps and lumps surrounding the case could well protect the phone in a drop, but they also dig into your skin, making drops more likely to occur. On top of that, the lip around the display is thinner than expected, so the display probably won't fare well in a drop. I don't want to just bash this case, but honestly there isn't much else to say. It's nice that it comes in multiple colors mind you, and the black camo looks particularly nice.

Verdict: The case is cheap at $8, but sadly you can tell. Pay a few extra bucks for a Spigen instead.

Ringke Air

Ringke Air is a far better offering than Fusion X, and is a good clear case overall. Unlike others, Ringke Air is available in two varieties, offering a unique smokey black alternative that should avoid yellowing over time.

The Good

Price For $8 this will get the job done for most.
Options It's nice to see some variety in the lineup.
Accessories Lanyard holders on both sides are a bonus.

The Not So Good

Feel Ringke Air is made of a softer material than others, leading to an odd feel in-hand.

I love the smokey black color available here. The darker tint, combined with a matte finish, prevents fingerprints ruining the look. The finish also prevents oil buildup, so this won't get slippery over time.

One downside, for me anyway, is the use of a soft, more flexible plastic. On the one side, it's easier to get it on and off, but on the other it doesn't grip onto the phone as securely as I'd like. Sometimes during handling it feels as though the phone is moving around within the case. It's not a dealbreaker, but worth keeping in mind if you're thinking about buying it.

Something I'm glad Ringke carried over from its other offering is the lanyard holders located on the bottom corners. Most probably won't ever use them, but it's always nice to have options. Those with small hands, for example, might want to put a strap here to prevent dropping their S20. Sure, it'll make your S20 look like a Wii remote, but who am I to judge?

Verdict: One of the better clear cases thanks to a cheap price point, color options, and accessories. But with the loose fit, Spigen is a better option.

Ringke Fusion

The best case Ringke make, with great protection, feel in the hand, and value for money. Ringke Fusion retains all if the positive aspects found with Fusion X and Ringke Air, and fixes all of my complaints.

The Good

Protection Fusion is nice chunky case, and should keep your phone safe.
Accessories Lanyard slots are present here too.
Feel Nice and firm, unlike Ringke Air.
Finish Fingerprints won't be an issue thanks to a matte finish.
Price $10 is exceptional value

The Not So Good

Buttons Mushy buttons with no tactile feel is a big turn off.

There's a lot to love about the Ringke Fusion. It's about as thick and chunky as the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, but the matte finish prevents oil and fingerprint buildup, unlike the competition. I won't repeat myself as to the benefits of the lanyard slots, but once again they're here.

The main downside to this case is the buttons. Sadly, they're incredibly mushy and there's no feeling to them at all. It's enough of a problem that, despite the positive aspects, I'd still recommend a Spigen alternative.

Verdict: A nice feeling case that offers good protection, but mushy buttons ruin the experience.

Speck Presidio Pro

This is an odd one. On the one hand, the Presidio Pro offers good protection and is sure to keep your phone safe, and on the other it feels bad in the hand. And for $30, it's far too expensive for what it is.

The Good

Protection It's a chunky boy, so your phone will feel safe and secure.
Buttons Clicky and tactile, the buttons feel as good as the official leather case.
Options Multiple color options are always a nice touch.

The Not So Good

Feel Presidio Pro is made of a soft-touch material that's a little too soft. Smudges are unavoidable.
Design A boring, flat black that picks up scuffs, scratches, and smudges almost instantly.
Price $30 is a lot of cash for a product this flawed.

It may seem hypercritical for me to call it plain, when there are other black cases on this list which I didn't criticize. But those cases aren't $30, so a planer look is forgivable. This case is $30 though, and for that price a little flare would be nice. Presidio Pro isn't just black, it's totally plain. Spigen's Rugged Armor, for example, has a slight grain to it, as well as carbon accents to keep things interesting.

The soft-touch finish isn't very good either. It's too soft, and loses any and all durability against smudges, scrapes, scuffs and fingerprints. You can see smudges in the photo above, and for the life of me I couldn't get rid of them. I don't like to bash products and call them bad, but I don't have much choice.

Other colors are available, but I only have access to black, so I can't say if those suffer from the same problems as the one I have. Something else to note is that this case seems to only be available in red, black and blue, and grey for the smallest S20.

Verdict: It's bad and it's expensive. Do not buy.

Speck Presidio Inked

A carbon copy of Presidio Pro, but with a fancy paint job that costs an extra $15. Some of the issues have been fixed, but new problems have arisen.

The Good

Style The inked marble design is eye catching.
Buttons Clicky and tactile, just like the regular Presidio Pro.
Protection Chunky case=protection for your phone.

The Not So Good

Price The new paint job adds $15 to an already expensive product.

Unlike Presidio Pro, Presidio Inked feels nice in the hand and doesn't make you want to rip it off as quickly as possible. The buttons are just as good as the other items available from Speck, and it does exude an air of quality.

The issue is the price. For $5 extra you can get the beautiful leather case from Samsung. Or for much less, you could get a marble Dbrand skin and slap a quality clear case on top for the same effect. The marble design is the only unique element to this case, and while it is beautiful, it's not worth $45.

Verdict: A quality case that's far too expensive when compared to those from other companies.

Speck Presidio Perfect

The best case Speck has to offer, Presidio Perfect is very close to living up to the name. Sadly, overly stiff buttons and a high price tag makes it hard to recommend.

The Good

Grip The ridges all around the back and sides aren't just for show.
Feel A nice tough shell that doesn't show fingerprints and is sure to resist scratches.
Style The ridges lend a unique look.

The Not So Good

Price $45 is far too expensive.
Buttons Way too stiff, it feels like something is going to break when you use them.

A lovely feeling case, the grips help keep the phone in your hand, without digging into your skin like others. Sadly, the buttons are far too stiff. It takes so much pressure to click the buttons that it honestly feels like something is going to break.

A running theme in this segment is price. $45 is an insane amount of money for a case like this, and it's just not worth it. If you're spending this much money on a case, it needs to feel special.

Verdict: A high price tag and horrible buttons ruin the experience. Don't buy.

Pitaka Air

An exceptional case that looks and feels amazing, and is easily one of my favorites. It's incredibly expensive at $60, and won't offer any protection beyond stopping scratches and scuffs.

The Good

Design It looks and feels sublime.
Size The thinnest case I've ever seen, you'll barely notice it's there.
Materials 600D Aramid Fiber is incredibly strong, and incredibly light.
Buttons There aren't any, but the case is so thin that you'll get the same experience as you would if it wasn't there.

The Not So Good

Price $60 is a lot of money for a case that doesn't offer much protection.
Protection Almost zero drop protection due to the thinness.
Smudges Sadly the head turning looks are easily blemished by smudges.

I love this case so much. It's incredibly expensive, but it looks and feels so good. Aramid fiber is used to construct high-end hypercars, aeronautical components, and even equipment sent into space. Made of synthetic fibers that are woven together, Aramid fiber has incredible tensile strength despite being ultra lightweight.

As a trained mechanic, I've worked with this material in the past and can assure you that this is made of the genuine material.

Finished in a soft, smooth, and grippy finish, it won't go sliding out of your hand. If you're on the clumsy side though, this isn't the case for you. Items like this are designed with one thing in mind; beauty and luxury. Protection takes a backseat, which is fine if you want a fashion accessory, but not if you need protection. Another negative is the build up of fingerprints and smudges that appear quickly, and a hard to remove. The only way I've been able to remove them so far is with an alcohol wipe.

Verdict: A beautiful case built for showing off, but beauty comes with a price.

Supcase UB Pro

A gorgeous case with top-notch protection and great feel in the hand. It's big, but that's more than justified by a quality kickstand and exceptional buttons.

The Good

Design The metal back feels solid and looks great.
Protection Port covers and a thick lip around the screen inspires quality.
Price Ranging between $20 and $23 depending on which S20 you have, is a good price for something this nice.
Options Three color choices means you're bound to find something you like.

The Not So Good

Size That protection adds up to a large case that won't be manageable for all.
Weight My S20 Ultra already weighs half a pound, and adding a case like this would make it even heavier.

I can't say too much about day-to-day use, as all of my Supcase samples are for the smaller S20, for which I only have a dummy unit.

The metal back feels lovely to hold, and adds a sense of security when holding your phone. I say metal, it may be a hard painted plastic. The metallic paint looks and feels amazing, and having a choice of colors is always nice.

The size is substantial though, making the smallest S20 the same size as my S20 Ultra. But that's a small price to pay for a case that offers this much protection. The kickstand is a lovely bonus, especially when it works in portrait and landscape. It feels good enough that I'm almost considering buying one for my S20 Ultra.

Verdict: Good protection and a lovely kickstand make this case stand out, especially for only $20.

Supcase UB Style

A nice looking case let down by a cheap feeling back. But for $13, it offers good protection and a colorful look.

The Good

Style The colorful frame and clear back looks great, and comes in multiple options.
Protection A good lip around the display, and the rear of the device will make sure it stays safe.
Value $13 is a great price for a case this good.

The Not So Good

The back The clear element is extremely thin and flimsy, and I worry about scratches or punctures.

UB Style feels lovely in the hand and is sure to offer good protection from bumps and scrapes. As mentioned above, I worry about the clear element on the back. It's recessed enough that it should be fine, but it still feels cheap.

Strangely enough, even though my review sample is for the smallest S20, I can't find this case for it anywhere, even on their own site. I have the S20+ and S20 Ultra, but that's it. If I'm able to get purchase links for the smaller phone, I'll add it here.

Verdict: A nice case for $13, but I worry about that clear back.

Moment, ZeroLemon, and RhinoShield added

Moment Thin Case

When I first held this case in my hand, I was immediately underwhelmed. It doesn't scream "quality" in the way I expected it to, especially when you consider the price. But once I read the marketing blurb that came with it, I understood — like a certain red and blue truck, there's more to this case than meets the eye.

The Good

Size It's called the thin case for a reason, and it's welcome in a sea of chunky bois.
Eco friendly Biodegradable and recyclable.
Ecosystem All of your Moment lenses can attach, and it's not like they'll make this camera any worse.
Buttons Clicky buttons are a must for me, and this case delivers.

The Not So Good

Price $40 is a bit steep
Feel It's comfortable, but it doesn't feel like a case as expensive as this.

If you own Moment lenses, then this is the only case on the list you'll want to consider. For the rest of us, this decision is a little more complicated. On the whole, the case looks good. I'm not a fan of the cutouts around the camera, but they're necessary for you to use the attachable lenses. Ignore that, though, and you have a stylish, yet understated design. The textured pattern on the lower two-thirds of the case makes it nice and grippy, too, so you won't be dropping this anytime soon. Even if you do, the Moment offers plenty of protection despite its petite size.

The case isn't perfect, though. It costs a hefty $40, and it just doesn't feel as premium as it should when you hold it. It feels cheap honestly, with that tacky touch that isn't at all pleasant. At least there's a good reason for it: This case is 100% biodegradable and can even be thrown into your compost when you get a new phone.

According to Moment, the average phone case could take anywhere between four hundred and two thousand years to degrade. That's not great, and goodness knows there are a lot of cases that get tossed out every year. It's nice to see a company like Moment take a stand, and I hope others follow suit. Sadly, while that is impressive and commendable, I'm not convinced it's worth spending $40 on unless you have the lenses to go with it.

Verdict: Perfect if you own Moment lenses, or want to save the planet. Doing so comes at a price.

ZeroLemon Battery Case

Remember the Nexus 6? The whale of a phone Google and Moto gave us in 2015? If that phone got locked in a supply closet with a power bank, this is what the result would be.

The Good

Battery There's an 8,000mAh battery in here, good to recharge your S20 Ultra one-and-a-half times.
Protection If you drop this on the floor, you're going to need some new tiles.
Wireless charging You can stick the case on a Qi charger to top it back up. Zac likes.

The Not So Good

Weight There's no beating around the bush here. This case makes the S20 Ultra weigh almost a full pound.
Size Do I need to explain this one?
Price For $60, you could buy a power bank with a larger capacity.
Style If you have eyes, this will be a problem.
Street cred You won't have one when people see you with this in your hand.
NFC, Android Auto, Samsung Dex None of these work.
Headphones No audio passthrough on the USB-C port.

From the number of negatives listed above, you're probably expecting this to be a bloodbath. It isn't, though, because against every fiber of common sense in my feeble brain, I love this case. Yes, it might be so heavy that it pulls my slacks down if I'm not wearing a belt. Sure, it's so massive that I'm pretty sure I developed carpal tunnel as a result of using it. And okay, it makes me look like I'm going to Comic-Con as an 80s businessman. But I love this case, dammit! It looks and feels ridiculous, but being able to press a button on the back of your phone and then carry on using it, wire-free, while it charges is an addicting sensation. Sadly, things are quickly brought back to reality.

Okay, maybe I lied about this not being a bloodbath because from here on out it will be. NFC doesn't work with this case, which is sort of to be expected at this size. That doesn't make it any less inconvenient, though. My biggest issue is with the USB-C port on the bottom: It does allow data transfer to a computer, which is great, but that's where the good points end. Android Auto and Samsung Dex aren't supported at all.

This I could live with — after all, if you take the phone out of the case to plug into a computer or car, it'll charge over that connection. But headphones don't work either. Let that sink in. Neither a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter nor the USB-C buds included with the S20 work when connected to the USB port on the case. It was alright when phones had headphone jacks built-in, but this is 2020, and it's a deal-breaker for me. That's a shame because otherwise I stupidly love it.

Verdict: If you can't stand using a phone with a wire connected to it, this is great. Otherwise, buy a power bank.

RhinoShield CrashGuard

Remember the original dBrand GRIP? Well, this isn't it, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it is. The Crash Guard is a bumper case, protecting the sides of your phone while leaving the back of the phone naked. It's like a pair of chaps, or maybe a hospital gown. For your phone. What could go wrong?

The Good

Buttons Nice and clicky, as they should be.
Bulk There isn't any. Literally.

The Not So Good

Protection The lip on the back won't help if dropped on an uneven surface.
Price $25 for what is essentially half a case is hard to swallow.

I don't like this case at all. I get what they were going for, letting you feel the premium glass on the back of your phone while still having some protection. You can't protect glass without covering it, though. While there is a sizable lip that will prevent the rear glass from touching a tabletop, it'll do nothing in a drop on something rocky, for example. If you want to show off the design of your phone, get a clear case — at least that will protect it, too. What this all boils down to is simple: There's a reason we don't go around wearing open-back hospital gowns every day.

Verdict: An expensive case that won't offer any sort of protection.



An expensive, yet stylish offering from RhinoShield, this has become my favorite case for my S20 Ultra.

The Good

Feel Perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness makes this case feel premium.
Buttons Clicky buttons are good buttons.
Protection A good lip around the screen should mean your phone will walk away from drops.

The Not So Good

Price $30 for the base case and $35 for the prints isn't cheap.

Options are always a good thing, and there are plenty available from RhinoShield. The Solid Suit comes in three base colors for $30 on Amazon, but for an extra $5, you can buy printed designs from RhinoShield itself, and that's the way to go. The plain options feel just that — plain. The material feels oddly tacky and picks up nicks and marks with incredible ease.

Thankfully that isn't so for the more colorful options. Offering a wide array of designs from leather to palm branches, there's bound to be something to catch your eye. The prints feel different, too, completely losing that tacky sensation. My personal favorite is the leather, which, despite being faux instead of the real thing, feels lovely in-hand. It's sort of a hybrid between a regular case and Samsung's official leather offering, which is a good thing indeed. The plain cases can be purchased on Amazon for $30, but really you should pay the extra $5 for the funky prints on RhinoShield's website. And if its pre-fab designs don't strike your fancy, you can even make your own.

Verdict: If you want something funky looking, you can't go wrong. These cases aren't cheap, though.

Pela, Alexander Millano, Whitestone Dome added

Pela case

Pela cases are all about eco-friendliness. All Pela products are designed and made with the goal of creating a waste-free future, and as such, these cases are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. Aside from a higher price tag and some issues with the fit, this is a great case that deserves some attention.

The Good

Feel The unique materials equate to a unique feel, and I dig it.
Design From a distance, this looks like every other case out there, but up close, it looks unique. It won't be for everyone, though.
Feel-good factor The peace of mind that comes with a product that won't harm the planet is something that never wears off.
Protection The case is thick enough to protect the camera array and screen from drops, but is still compact in hand.

The Not So Good

Price $40 is a lot for a phone case, and for many, the feel-good factor won't be worth it.
Fit It's a little loose for my liking.

I won't mince my words here — this is one of the best cases I've tested so far. It may be expensive; in fact, it's the same price as the other eco-friendly option on this list, but this case manages to feel special by embracing the unusual material choice rather than hiding it. Made from flax shive – waste material from straw – as well as other plant-based substances, this case is biodegradable and is plastic-free. I won't drone on too much about the benefits of this material and the impact, or lack thereof, on the environment, but for those interested, you can read more here. Moving onto the product itself, it does a great job of balancing protection and bulk. The lip around the display and camera module is big enough to offer protection, but it's still slim and barely noticeable in the pocket.

My only issue is with the fit, which is a bit loose for my taste. It feels like the phone is moving around within the case at times, and while it hasn't popped out yet, it isn't a reassuring feeling. It wasn't as bad when I applied my dBrand skin, but since that was removed when my S20 needed a battery replacement, it's back to feeling loose again. Other than that, this case looks and feels superb. I love that you can see the plant and straw fibers, rather than it being hidden behind some glossy coating. Every time I hold my phone or look at it face down on the table, I'm reminded of how unique this product feels.

On a side note, if you buy one of these cases now, you'll get another one for free, effectively bringing the price down to $20 each.

Verdict: If you can get past the $40 price tag and want something unique, this is the perfect option for you. Other than the loose fit, I love this case and will definitely continue to use it.

Alexander Millano (faux) animal skin cases

This is a fun case to look at and use, with more designs than I could possibly name in one article. Seriously, there are 44 different color and material combos for the S20 Ultra alone. The one-of-a-kind look and feel will grab people's attention, and the quality is exceptional for the price.

The Good

Style These cases look like they cost twice as much as they do, and are incredibly eye-catching.
Price £27 ($33) for something that looks and feels this good is a bargain.
Animal friendly All of the materials are synthetic, so no fluffy bois were harmed in the making of this review.
Feel Despite being made of synthetic leather, it feels incredible in hand.
Protection The case is thick enough to take any punishment you throw at it, while still feeling comfortable to hold.

The Not So Good

Non-UK pricing The site deals exclusively in British pounds, and doesn't show prices in other currencies.
Lack of tea Despite being a British company, these cases do not come with teabags in the box. Boo.

I'll talk about that negative first. Alexander Millano is a British company, and so the website displays all prices in GBP, and there's no option to view the products in other currencies. Transactions are through PayPal, so you'll pay the UK price at whatever the exchange rate is at the time. Alexander Millano does ship to the USA and other major countries,  but the cost will vary based on location, and it's advised that you contact them regarding shipping before purchase.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the product itself. Every case available is made to resemble different leathers and animal skins, and each of those options is available in multiple colors. My sample is the black alligator, and it looks and feels divine. When I first held the case, I had to double-check the website to confirm it was synthetic and not made of real animals. Now, it's possible that I haven't touched enough alligators to accurately tell the difference, but I think they've nailed the feel.

In terms of protection, like the Pela case above, this successfully walks the line between protection and heft. The lip around the display and camera will protect your device, while feeling good in the hand or pocket. As much as I love the sample I was provided, I do think the more colorful options look better. I may well have to buy the red leather case, or perhaps the orange. Honestly, there's so many to choose from; it may take a while to decide.

Verdict: Great quality and a low price tag mean there's a lot to love about the Alexander Millano line, but make sure to contact them about shipping rates if you live outside of the UK.

Whitestone Dome Glass

S20 DOME 2

Probably the most expensive screen protector you'll ever buy, but if you care about your phone and want it looking its best, it's the only one worth considering.

The Good

Feel It feels as good as the display itself, using high-quality glass. In fact, you won't even know it's there.
Fingerprint recognition Dome is fully compatible with Samsung's in-display fingerprint reader.
Seamlessness The protector covers the front of the phone from edge to edge, leaving almost nothing exposed to the elements.
Warranty If you crack or scratch your Dome Glass, then you can get a warranty replacement and only pay for shipping.

The Not So Good

Price At $50, this is probably the most expensive screen protector you'll ever buy.
Installation Although the result is worth it, installing this may knock a few years off of your life expectancy.

To be clear, I've been using Dome Glass since I had my Pixel 2XL, making this the fourth phone of mine that's been treated to it. This is the only screen protector that I've reviewed, and that's on purpose. Despite the price and installation difficulty, this is the only screen protector worth buying, especially for a Samsung phone. Once Dome Glass is installed, you'll barely notice it's there, and you'll see just how good it is. As it covers all of the display, going all the way up to the edges of the device, using this screen protector feels seamless. Swiping from the sides to go back is as smooth as can be, and thanks to the unique installation, there are always zero bubbles and no distortion.

Installing Dome Glass will take you a good half an hour on your first try, although I can do it in a solid 15 minutes after installing it on multiple devices. First, you'll need to put stickers over the ports and buttons to prevent the glue from entering the device, followed by inserting your phone into the installation rig. That already sounds complicated, and it's only the first step, so rather than explain it all here, I suggest you watch the company's video guide here.

Once all of that is done, then you'll need to re-register your fingerprints, and you should turn on the high touch sensitivity mode in display settings. With that done, everything works the same as it would if it weren't there. Really, the only criticism I can give this product is the tendency to collect dust around the edges for the first few days. When I took these photos, the glass had been fitted for less than 24 hours, and so the sides are still sticky. Rather than try to clean it off now, wait a few days for everything to set, then give it a good clean. If you're going to be keeping your S20 in a case 24/7, then this won't be a problem as that will prevent dust from collecting.

The warranty is another reason to buy this screen protector, as it lasts the lifetime of the device, and you'll only pay for shipping on the replacement. Due to constant migraines, I drop my phone a lot. So much so, I went through 5 of these on my S10+, and not once did Whitestone query anything. All they require is a picture of the damage and your order number. Keep the UV light from the original, though, as replacements will only ship with the rig and needed glue.

Verdict: Despite being incredibly expensive, this is the only screen protector you should consider. It's simply the best.

That's all folks! I'll be sure to add more cases as I receive them, as well as any other protective accessories for the S20 series.