Smartphones are nothing without apps, and there are a whole lot of them out there on the Play Store. Of course, the quality there... let's say "varies" thanks to Google's rather lax administration and curation efforts. But there are piles of apps we depend on every day, others we use maybe a couple times a month, and yet more we uninstalled, never to use them again. With Google's convenient account Dashboard tool to refer to: How many apps do you have tied to your Google Play account?

My job probably inflates my numbers.

Back in the day, apps were a gold rush — wild west risks and all. I remember a time when I was constantly seeking new ones out to plug gaps in functionality. But as those niches have been filled, I seem to install fewer apps (that I keep) with every passing year — though I still test plenty of new ones all the time for work. Based on our readers' responses to our recent paid app poll, many of you are also slowing down when it comes to paying for new apps as well.

We have the results from 2017's version of this poll to compare to, though I've added a little more granularity at the low-end based on our responses last time. But let's take a look: What's Play Store app library count as listed on your Google Dashboard? (Sadly, if you remove apps from your library, they're also removed from this total, but this is the only metric we know of that Google offers.) And even if you might have a separate work profile, let's stick to your personal account for this.

What's your Play Store app install count?

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