Android 11 isn't a boring update, especially when it comes to under-the-hood changes. Scoped Storage for limiting access to internal files will be enforced, a new 'Block Store' API will make logins easier, and apps will get to use bubble notifications for the first time. If you have any burning questions about the update that you would like the Android team to answer, here's your chance.

Some of the Android team at Google will be answering questions about Android 11 in a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything"). The answers won't start to roll in until 12PM PT/3PM ET on July 9th, but the thread is already open, so you can leave a comment now. Chet Haase, Dianne Hackborn, Jacob Lehrbaum, and other members of Android's development and relations team will be in attendance.

Google is also planning two more AMAs in the near future: one for Android Studio on July 30th, and one for Jepack and Jetpack Compose on August 27th.