You might already have a few USB Type-C wall adapters around your home, but third-party options can give you more features (and sometimes a smaller size) than the chargers included with phones and tablets. Choetech's 65W USB-PD wall adapter offers enough power for anything from earbuds to ultrabooks, and it's now just $21.99 on Amazon. That's $13 off the usual price.

This wall adapter has two ports: a 45W USB Type-C connector, and a 12W USB Type-A port. The former should be enough to charge phones, tablets, and ultrabooks at full speed, as long as the devices fully support USB Power Delivery. MacBooks, Google Pixel phones, the Samsung Galaxy S10/S20, the Nintendo Switch, and more are designed to work with USB-PD.

The secondary USB Type-A port is helpful for charging a secondary device at the same time, so you can plug in your phone or smartwatch while your laptop is still being powered. Unlike some other wall adapters, this 65W brick doesn't reduce the maximum output when two devices are plugged in at the same time. The charger is also built using Gallium Nitrite, which allows it to be compact while still maintaining cool temperatures.

You can buy the charger from Amazon at the link below, and enter code 8ADSGFHP at checkout to get the full discount.