YouTube Music is due to become Google's only music service by the end of this year. In anticipation of taking the spotlight, the platform has been rapidly adding features and making tweaks lately, such as the ability to swipe between tracks and start playback directly from the album art. Last month, four new Mix playlists were spotted in the wild, and now it looks like those are becoming more widely available.

When these mixes were spotted previously, they didn't seem to be accessible to most users. Now though, it looks like anyone who navigates to the appropriate links should see mixes picked for their individual tastes. The four new playlists include a Chill mix, an Energy mix, a Focus mix, and a Workout mix. All of them feature personalized songs that refresh every Monday.

YouTube Music teased the Chill mix and added three other new mixes last year. Today's news makes its list of playlists that much longer. These new ones don't appear to be popping up organically yet, but once added to your library through each specific link, they show up like any other saved playlist. As Play Music's demise inches closer, it's good to see work progressing on making YouTube Music the best it can be.

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YouTube Music
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