Verizon is one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to wireless in the US. The company recently launched new options for prepaid plans, and just released its own credit card as well. Recently the carrier announced plans for some new student discounts, and today those deals are going live.

The new discount will save college students $10 a month on a single unlimited line. For subscribers with two unlimited lines, the savings rise to $25 a month, which isn't half bad. And customers still get access to the standard Verizon unlimited perks like Apple Music and Disney+.

The discount only applies to Verizon members who subscribe to one of the company's unlimited plans. The student qualifying for the discount will have to be the account manager/owner, and only a single discount can be applied to an account. As long as the student stays enrolled and re-verifies their status each year, the discount can last up to four years.

Students have it pretty hard these days with the rising costs of housing, tuition, and textbooks. Ten bucks a month might not be much, but anything helps, especially when Verizon's unlimited plans are still expensive and confusing.