Stadia Premiere Edition launched last year for the price of $129. It was a lot of fun when we reviewed it. Since then, it's been discounted down to just $99. But if that wasn't enough to sway you, Google is currently offering Stadia Premiere Edition for a mere $79 — as long as you've got a Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go, or Pixel Slate handy.

Over on the Chromebook perks page, Google is giving US-based owners of the Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go, and Pixel Slate a $20 discount on Stadia Premiere Edition right now. Technically, the terms say "new" owners, but like other Chromebook perks this one seems to be working for previously purchased devices, too. Since Stadia opened up to the general public a few months ago, you're basically getting a big discount on a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra.

Google is always swapping out its current slate of perks for Chromebook owners and adding new ones. Disney is currently giving Chromebook owners 3 whole months of Disney+ for free. Doom and Doom II are also available if you've got a device running Google's cloud-based OS. In a way this Stadia deal is just the latest of Google's attempts to apologize to the poor rubes who bought the Slate when it first came out.