Samsung used to be known for updating its devices notoriously late, but gradually, it has become one of the most active manufacturers when it comes to software and security patches, often even outpacing Google itself. As such, SamMobile reports that the company has already started rolling out the Android July security patch to its S20 series, beginning in Korea. The new release brings zoom and video stabilization improvements to the camera and sunsets Samsung's Android Auto competitor.

The update additionally gives you the option to use microphones connected via Bluetooth in the Voice Recording app. Samsung also officially deprecates its Android Auto competitor MirrorLink with this version. People who rely on the software can continue using it, but there won't be any updates going forward. With Google's solution available on Samsung phones as an alternative, that shouldn't be a problem for too many people.

The firmware in question is G98xNKSU1ATFD and weighs roughly 390MB. It's rolling out to the full S20 lineup, including the S20+ and the S20 Ultra. You can check if it's already available to you in Settings -> Software Update, though as said earlier, so far the update only seems to be rolling in Korea — we haven't seen any reports of people receiving it outside the country yet.

Europe rollout underway

Over the last few days, Samsung started rolling out the July patch in Europe. Redditors in Germany, as well as myself in the UK, have received the update on our S20 Ultras, and it should start hitting the other models in the lineup soon, as well as other countries.

It's worth noting that the European update carries the same changelog as last month's patch, with no mention of the zoom performance improvements listed in the Korean changelog. The two updates are very similar in size, though, and 300MB would be quite large for a simple security patch, so I imagine these camera fixes are included too. The speed at which my S20 Ultra switches between zoom levels seems to feel faster since installing this update, but that could easily be a placebo.

If previous months are anything to go by, I'd expect to see this update hit the US within the next week or so, and as always, we'll keep you updated.