Following last year's redesign, Pandora is picking up another feature that should prove to be popular. An update is currently rolling out that brings offline podcast support for Plus and Premium subscribers, but far more importantly, it also adds Dark Theme/Mode support for Android 10 as well as Samsung's Night Mode.

We can't tell you what it looks like yet, because the update is apparently still rolling out and has yet to land on our devices. Furthermore, Pandora didn't want to be included at our sister site APK Mirror, so we can't point you at another source to manually install it either. You'll just have to take the changelog as gospel while the company slooooooowly rolls the feature out:

• Dark Mode is now available to users with Android 10 or greater and Samsung users with devices supporting Night Mode! Switch to Dark Mode to lower the brightness of your interface so you can focus on your music, not the screen.

• Offline Podcasts are now available to Plus and Premium subscribers! Take your favorite episodes and series with you wherever you go, even without internet.

Odds are most of our readers have already moved on to more modern services like Spotify or YouTube Music, but some folks still find use for the old radio-like "station" system and Pandora's music recommendation engine — even if I think Spotify has surpassed it there.