OnePlus has always been known for providing a lot of bang for your buck. Its recent devices may cost more than the original OnePlus One did, but they're also a lot more powerful. We called the OnePlus 8 Pro "the most phone you can get for the price," and its little sibling didn't fare too badly, either. Now the company is looking to offer up even more value with new deals every Wednesday in an effort called OnePlus Day.

In the US, most of today's deals offer up free accessories with the purchase of a recent OnePlus phone, but there's also a discount on the standalone Bullets Wireless Z headphones released earlier this year.

Most of these deals are available to our friends up north in Canada as well.

Along with the weekly deals, the company is announcing a series of offers in the US that will go on all through July.

These deals are a great way to make OnePlus devices a more attractive option. If you've been on the line about trying one out, now might be the time. Of course, OnePlus Day is happening every week in July, so be sure to check back for the newest deals every WednesOnePlusday. And if you use our referral code, you can save an additional $10 on all accessories.