Dribbble is one of the premier destinations for amateur and expert designers alike all over the world. The platform has been helping connect designers online since 2009, and it introduced its first Android app back in 2018. Unfortunately, it seems like that didn't go as well as the company hoped, because the app is due to be sunsetted from the Play Store later this year.

The Android app was taken over by Dribbble after originally being developed by an independent 3rd-party developer. It was pretty full-featured, complete with a dark mode and the ability to upload designs directly. Users opening the Dribbble app on Android or iOS will now see a message stating that the app is slated to be removed from the Google Play Store/App Store on November 15, 2020. It suggests using the mobile site on the web as an alternative.

The company hasn't given a reason for the shutdown (though perhaps a recently hyped "something big in the works" is connected), but mobile apps can be hard to maintain, especially given the fact that there are thousands of devices to develop for on the Android side. With the recent rise in PWAs, maybe this shutdown isn't as bad as it once would've been. It'll be interesting to see how much of an impact this has on the Dribbble community of designers.

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