If you're anything like the majority of the AP editorial staff, you've never deleted a file in your entire life. You gotta put all that junk somewhere. If you're low on space, now's a fine time to stock up on storage: a bunch of memory cards, SSDs, and flash drives are on sale today at Amazon.

There are 128-, 256-, and 400-gigabyte Micro SD cards starting at $22, SSDs both internal and external, and USB-A, USB-C, and even Lightning flash drives on offer. Here's the full list:

Memory cards

Flash drives



Some of the items, like the one-terabyte SD card, probably won't ship for a while — up to two full months, according to Amazon. Still, with savings up to $115, it's probably worth the wait. Hit any of the links above to view individual items, or the one below to see the full sale.

These prices are only good for about 10 more hours as of writing, so get a move on.