Like most companies, Samsung would just love it if you were to buy as many of its products as possible. And to help entice you to stay in the Samsung ecosystem, it offers shoppers the opportunity to earn Samsung Rewards points that can be redeemed for even more Samsung gear. Now the company is introducing a new way to earn and spend Samsung Rewards points through gaming on the Galaxy Store.

Samsung loves to cook up alternatives to Google apps, and the Galaxy Store is essentially Samsung's version of Google Play. It offers many of the same apps and games you'll find in the Play Store, but does so in a sleek One UI 2.o wrapper. And now with the arrival of support for Samsung Rewards points, there's another reason to open up the Galaxy Store on your Samsung device.

Beginning today, users will be able to earn and cash in their Samsung Rewards point for games on the Galaxy Store. Enrollees in the program will receive three Samsung Rewards points for each dollar they spend, and points will be redeemable for Galaxy Store games. It's yet another way to make sure Galaxy users stay in the Samsung ecosystem, and the company promises this isn't the last we'll hear about Samsung Rewards integration with the Galaxy Store.