OnePlus has been teasing its next phone with various shenanigans on Instagram and now it's finally revealed the actual name. It's not the OnePlus 8 Lite or the OnePlus Z, but Nord, as had also been rumored previously. More than just a single smartphone OnePlus is referring to Nord as a new product line, so we could see a range of new trinkets with this new branding.

The new direction is in response to feedback from OnePlus fans who are no doubt unhappy with the higher prices OnePlus phones have commanded in recent years. Going back to affordable products means going back to the company's roots and targeting emerging markets in a way it no longer could with its mainline phone series — Nord promises a flagship-level experience for less.

As we heard before, the first OnePlus Nord device will launch in Europe and India, although no date has yet been set for its full unveiling or release. Additionally, we're hearing that "a select number of users in North America" will get access to Nord though a beta program after launch, although it's unclear exactly what to expect from that. Part one of a documentary series designed to build hype for the OnePlus Nord can now be found on one of the product's many Instagram accounts, if you wish to indulge.