In April, Motorola brought out the Edge+, a Verizon-exclusive $1,000 phone that broke away from the Moto Z monotony with invigorated industrial design and integrated 5G connectivity. What we kinda glossed over — with fair reason given what little detail we had then — is the fact that the company also launched a mid-range 5G phone with similar looks called the Edge in Europe. Well, that device is about to make its way stateside, unlocked, and with a couple key spec boosts to boot.

The Edge has a similar industrial design to the Edge+ — curved glass wrapped around an aluminum frame. In fact, both share the same 6.7" display with 90Hz refresh rate and the same 25MP selfie camera that's been "punched" into said display.

Here are the specs as seen in Europe:


SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Storage 128GB + microSD up to 1TB
Display 6.7" 19.5:9 1080p OLED, 90Hz refresh
Battery 4,500mAh w/ 18W charging
Rear cameras 64MP main (macro-capable), 16MP ultra-wide, 8MP telephoto (2x), Time-of-flight sensor
Front camera 25MP
Software Android 10
Connectivity Sub-6 5G, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, Wi-Fi ac
Headphone jack Yes

We were told that the phone was originally intended to be equipped with 4GB of RAM in the U.S., but that was until we saw it pushed in Europe with 6GB instead. So, the company decided to throw in the RAM bump for statesiders, stick in the overclocked Snapdragon 765G to replace the standard 765, and double the storage it gave to Europe from 128GB to 256GB — on par with the Edge+, which we have reviewed. The only major hard spec difference tilted against the Edge is that the main camera's resolution slips from 108MP to 64MP (pixel binned down to 16MP by default), but it does keep the time-of-flight sensor.

But besides the above compromises and the loss of millimeter wave 5G (arguably not much of a loss at all), the biggest difference you'll notice is the price: the Edge will be available unlocked for $700 later this summer... yep, still no date on this thing.

As a last note of comparison, the 128GB version was in Europe for £550 and €600, so we're only paying about $25 more on current foreign exchange for the extra storage.