You can use Google Search to find 3D models of animals, planets, astronauts, and even cell models and view them as though they were inside your own home. Now Google has announced a new entry to the ever-growing party — dinosaurs. Ten models are brought to you via a collaboration between the search engine and Ludia's Jurassic World mobile game, so you can have that T-Rex stomping through your living room, if that's an experience you're dying to get.

Google says that Ludia tried to make the models as realistic as possible. The studio's Lead on Character Creations, Camilo Sanin, says, "Not only did we draw research from various forms of literature, our artists also worked with paleontologists and the 'Jurassic World' team to make the assets as accurate and realistic as possible. Even the smallest of details, such as irregularities of skin color and patterns, are important."

Here are all the dinosaurs you can view, with the corresponding Google search linked for your convenience. Just open the links on your phone or search for the terms via the Google app/Chrome and look for the "View in 3D" button.

If you can't see the 3D button in the results just yet, don't worry — it looks like Google is rolling out the 3D models via a server-side switch, so not everyone is able to view the models right away.

The dinosaur models are also the first ones to take advantage of a new technology that helps accommodate their size. When you move a dinosaur 3D model into your space, Google will automatically scale the animal to fit the viewfinder. By tapping a "View actual size" button, you'll be able to quickly switch to the correct scale, though a brachiosaurus will probably not fit your average living room.

To share your experience in the AR Jurassic World, you can use Google's new video capturing feature for its 3D models. If you want to see a comprehensive guide to all of the 3D models the company offers, check out our animal and 3D object roundups. We'll add the dinosaurs shortly.

Now let's just hope Google doesn't have ambitions to build an actual Jurassic Park, because we've got enough stuff going on this year without dinosaurs roaming the Earth.

Jurassic World Alive
Jurassic World Alive
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