Summer is here, which means kicking off your shoes, relaxing outdoors, and exploring new places... hopefully while still social distancing. If you want to take your entertainment with you on the go, a portable projector is a great all-in-one solution, but you need something that's bright, works well with a remote, supports apps, and has some decent sound. Those are all qualities I enjoyed about the Xgimi projectors when I reviewed them last year, and now three of the brands' models are discounted up to 25% as Amazon's deals of the day.

All three projectors run the official Android TV platform, a rarity in the portable projector market, and come with the Play Store pre-installed. They don't have official support for Netflix, but you'll find some hacks online that might work or you can sideload the phone app and use a mouse to navigate it. Otherwise, you can still enjoy YouTube, Plex, Kodi, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and plenty of other video and audio streaming services.

Since they run Android TV, they also act as Chromecast targets, have Assistant built-in, and can play all compatible Android TV games. Plus, there are HDMI and USB inputs, an audio jack to listen privately, and they can work as portable Bluetooth speakers too. The only real downside, if you ask me, is their proprietary charger, but that can be relatively remedied by buying a USB to DC cable.

In my review, I found the original MoGo to be decent enough, but if you want the best bang for your buck, I liked the MoGo Pro more. It ups the resolution to 1080p and raises the brightness too. I haven't reviewed the Halo, but its 800 ANSI rating is impressive.

The regular MoGo has already dropped to $300 a few times before, but the other two have never been discounted so far. So now's the perfect time to grab them, especially when the less capable Nebula Capsule II is more than $500 now.

If you're intrigued by these projectors, check my reviews and click the links to buy them below. As of the time of writing, the Amazon deals are available for 17 more hours.