SNK and Tencent recently announced a new Metal Slug game for mobile, and it will be developer by TiMi Studios, an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary that worked on Call of Duty Mobile, and is also currently working on Pokémon Unite. So far we know that the upcoming arcade shooter is tentatively named Metal Slug Code: J (as a placeholder), and so all we have to share right now is a teaser trailer that contains a minute of pure gameplay, and despite what you're thinking, Metal Slug Code: J actually looks like a competent successor in the Metal Slug series.

You can view Metal Slug Code: J's trailer above, and past the 30-second mark, you'll be treated to a full minute of actual gameplay.

First and foremost, it would appear that TiMi Studios has decided to go with 3D graphics instead of the familiar pixel-based designs the Metal Slug series is known for, but all in all, the 3D graphics still provide a similar vibe. Simply put, there's no denying Code: J looks like a proper Metal Slug game. Past the graphics, you'll notice that touchscreen controls are prominently displayed on the left and right of the screen, which ensures that Code: J is indeed a side-scrolling shooter, just like the original arcade titles. So from the outset, it would appear that TiMi Studios is respecting the property, with no telltale signs of greedy monetization visible during the above gameplay video. Seeing that TiMi is well-known for mostly selling cosmetics in Call of Duty Mobile, I would hope a similar monetization scheme is planned for Metal Slug Code: J, but with Tencent attached, you never really know how these things will pan out.

Now, for those really paying attention, the above trailer contains non-English text, although the video itself was released in many languages for a multitude of territories. Since SNK, Tencent, and TiMi Studio haven't actually announced anything past launching the above trailer, we currently have no idea in which regions SNK plans to publish the game. We also have no idea how the game will be monetized, or when it will be released.

So there you have it. A new Metal Slug game is coming to mobile, and there's a chance it won't suck. While I won't personally get my hopes up, I do have to say it would be nice to get a proper update to the Metal Slug series on mobile that isn't filled to the brim with greedy monetization. Of course, if you'd prefer to play through the classics while you bide your time waiting for more info about Metal Slug Code: J, just remember that Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, and Metal Slug 3 are available on the Play Store.