Yesterday, Team Win released version 3.4 of the popular custom recovery TWRP. Available now for "most currently supported devices," this release adds some limited Android 10 support for certain devices, as well as other fixes and improvements, including support for flashing stock OPPO/Realme images, and piles of A/B partition support tweaks.

The TWRP 3.4 changelog is pretty technical, but you can read the full version here. (A lot of it even goes over my head.) But the most noteworthy and significant changes we see are support for OZIP encryption, which allows folks using OPPO and Realme phones to install factory images, and improvements for A/B partition handling.

Though it isn't clear in the changelog, according to XDA Developers, some of the changes also allow for Android 10 support, but only for devices that were upgraded from a previous version and retain the older partition structure. Last year, Team Win explained that some of the bigger changes in Android 10's partition structure, like those present on the Pixel 3 and 4, were a problem for custom recoveries like TWRP, and that hasn't been fixed yet.

Team Win claims the new version is available now for most currently supported devices, though there are a few noteworthy omissions at the time of writing, like some recent OnePlus phones. But you can probably pull down the new version for your rooted or ROMed phone over at TWRP's site or via the TWRP app.