The biggest issue with notches and punch holes is that they take up valuable screen space and break up the aesthetics of smartphone displays. This is arguably even more true of punch-hole camera cutouts that sit on either side of the screen since symmetry is so pleasing to our eyes. Enter new information concerning Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, which suggests it'll do away with the huge notch in favor of a slightly awkward-looking punch-hole.

The mockup comes from Ice universe on Twitter, who has a decent track record with phone leaks so there's every chance this is is the real deal. It certainly looks like a render he's created based on information he's received rather than anything official, so take it with a hefty sprinkling of salt. As he points out in a follow-up tweet (below), the placement potentially makes sense if you consider the position of other internal components. It's hard squeezing so much stuff into a thin handset, so sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

While we can't verify that this information is accurate, it does seem to line up with previous rumors we've heard about the device that pointed to a single punch-hole camera, although initial reports suggested it may be in the corner. It's been pointed out that the proposed location in the midpoint of the right half roughly matches where the internal front-facing cameras on the first-generation Fold are located. The Fold 2 is rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate on the inside screen and could pack an S Pen. We can rumors and leaks to intensify in the coming weeks, so we should find out more soon.