Ever since shadowy reports about Sabrina, Google's upcoming TV dongle, surfaced earlier this year, we've been waiting with bated breath to see what Google's new vision for living room entertainment is going to look like. A leaked firmware image gave us some possible specs, and a bunch of new details, including a video of the dongle and its remote, leaked a few weeks ago. Now with the release of the Android 11 preview for Android TV, we're getting yet another glimpse of Sabrina, helping to further clarify our expectations.

The Android 11 preview for Android TV was published today, and it seems to contain yet another confirmation of Google's upcoming dongle. In a video found among the assets, a device that looks a lot like Sabrina is shown being rebooted. The dongle is shaped just like what we expect Sabrina to look like, and it even has the Google 'G' on it.

While a video of the dongle's silhouette certainly isn't as explicit as some of the previous leaks, it does help to reinforce some of what we've seen before. As Google continues to keep dangling this dongle in front of us, you can keep busy by checking out our roundup of everything we currently know and suspect about its plans.