Google has already released several Developer Previews of Android 11 for smartphones, but there has been no news on the update for smart TVs and streaming boxes. That changes today, as the first Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV is now available — but only for one device.

"Today, we are releasing an Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV with many privacy, performance, accessibility, and connectivity features," Google said in a blog post. The company told us that there are no user-visible changes in this update compared to Android 10 for TVs, so this is just about bringing the under-the-hood changes in Android 11 to the living room.

There is a catch: the Developer Preview is only available for one device, the ADT-3 Developer Kit that was released earlier this year. Those of you with an Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, or literally any other Android TV device will probably have to wait until the final release.